Production of hydrogen by catalytic methane decomposition over alumina supported mono-, bi- and tri-metallic catalysts

A. S. Al-Fatesh, A. H. Fakeeha, W. U. Khan, A. A. Ibrahim, Songbo He, K. Seshan

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Hydrogen, an environmentally benign source of energy, has significantly attracted the attention of researchers in recent decades. This article discusses hydrogen production by methane decomposition over alumina supported iron-nickel-cobalt based mono-, bi- and tri-metallic catalysts. The catalysts were prepared by using wet-impregnation strategy. The fresh catalysts were characterized using different techniques such as BET, H-2-TPR, and XRD. Likewise, a morphological study of selected spent catalyst was complemented by employing TEM as well as TPO. The catalytic activity results revealed that bimetallic catalysts consisting of 30 wt.% Fe and 15 wt.% Co exhibited excellent performance among all the tested catalysts. In addition, the results of sensitivity analysis revealed that an activation span of 90 min, GHSV of 5000 mL/h g(cat) at 700 degrees C as a reaction temperature were found to be the optimum process conditions. Significantly, it can be seen that in a an extended run of 1400 min involving 12 regeneration cycles, high methane conversion (>55%) can be maintained. (C) 2016 Hydrogen Energy Publications LLC. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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TijdschriftInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy
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StatusPublished - 28-dec-2016
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