Professional development arising from multiple-site workplace learning: Boundary crossing between the education and clinical contexts

Margot Barry*, Wietske Kuijer-Siebelink, Loek A.F.M. Niewenhuis, Nynke Scherpbier

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Background: This research explores the value of an inter-organisational jurisdiction, on the professional development of faculty members in their roles of researcher and educator. Faculty members from a Dutch university of applied sciences, who work in both the education and clinical practice contexts, participated in this research. Methods: Individual semi-structured interview were conducted with nine faculty members, from various academic health professions, on their experiences of professional development arising from working in both the clinical and education contexts. In this exploratory, post-positive interview study, interview transcripts were analysed thematically. Results: Participants reported that working in two organisational contexts, whilst performing two faculty roles that span both contexts, enhances their ability to broker connections between research, teaching and practice. The boundary crossing activities which participants performed, contributed to professional development in all faculty roles. The broker role was not seen as being a unique role which is distinct from research and practice roles. Broker activities were seen as generic and supportive of the roles that bestow academic status and expertise. Conclusions: To the participants in this research, the relevance of the broker role in professional development is not as evident as the relevance of roles that enhance specialisation and subject specific expertise. They consider broker activities as supportive to the roles of researcher and teacher. The broker role is time consuming, but not yet visible as a distinct professionalisable work-package in its own right. It is also not well defined in literature. A better understanding of the broker role could lead to its development in order to harness its professional development potential tenably across academic roles.

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TijdschriftBMC Medical Education
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StatusPublished - 23-sep.-2020
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