Prognostic models for radiation-induced complications after radiotherapy in head and neck cancer patients

Toshihiko Takada*, Johanna A.A.G. Damen, Makbule Tambas, René Spijker, Roel J.H.M. Steenbakkers, Marjan Sharabiani, Enrico Clementel, Johannes A. Langendijk, Karel G.M. Moons, Ewoud Schuit

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Objectives: This is a protocol for a Cochrane Review (prognosis). The objectives are as follows:. Primary objective The review question is “Which prognostic models are available to predict the risk of radiation-induced side effects after radiation exposure to patients with head and neck cancer, what is their quality, and what is their predictive performance?”. Investigation of sources of heterogeneity between studies We will assess sources of heterogeneity among the prognostic models developed in the eligible studies. The potential sources are study population (e.g. site/stage of cancer, the use of other treatment [surgery and chemotherapy]), predictors, definition and incidence of the predicted outcomes, and prediction horizons. If there are multiple validation studies for the same model, the same sources of between-study heterogeneity will be investigated.

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TijdschriftCochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
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StatusPublished - 17-mei-2021

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