Projective Integration for Hyperbolic Shallow Water Moment Equations

Amrita Amrita, Julian Koellermeier*

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In free surface flows, shallow water models simplify the flow conditions by assuming a constant velocity profile over the water depth. Recently developed Shallow Water Moment Equations allow for variations of the velocity profile at the expense of a more complex PDE system. The resulting equations can become stiff depending on the friction parameters, which leads to severe time step constraints of standard numerical schemes. In this paper, we apply Projective Integration schemes to stiff Shallow Water Moment Equations to overcome the time step constraints in the stiff regime and accelerate the numerical computations while still achieving high accuracy. In different dam break and smooth wave test cases, we obtain a speedup of up to 55 with respect to standard schemes. View Full-Text
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StatusPublished - 18-mei-2022

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