Projective integration for moment models of the bgk equation

Julian Koellermeier*, Giovanni Samaey

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In this paper, we apply the projective integration method to moment models of the Boltzmann-BGK equation and investigate the numerical properties of the resulting scheme. Projective integration is an explicit, asymptotic-preserving scheme that is tailored to problems with a large spectral gap between fast and slow eigenvalues of the model. A spectral analysis of the moment model shows a clear spectral gap and reveals the multi-scale nature of the model. The new scheme overcomes the severe time step constraint of standard explicit schemes like the forward Euler scheme by performing a number of inner iterations and then extrapolating the solution forward in time. The projective integration scheme is non-intrusive and yields fast and accurate solutions, as demonstrated using a 1D shock tube test case. These observations open up many possibilities for further use of the scheme for high-resolution discretizations and different collision models.

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TitelComputational Science – ICCS 2020 - 20th International Conference, Proceedings
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Evenement20th International Conference on Computational Science, ICCS 2020 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Conference20th International Conference on Computational Science, ICCS 2020

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