Projective integration schemes for hyperbolic moment equations

Julian Koellermeier*, Giovanni Samaey

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In this paper, we apply projective integration methods to hyperbolic moment models of the Boltzmann equation and the BGK equation, and investigate the numerical properties of the resulting scheme. Projective integration is an explicit scheme that is tailored to problems with large spectral gaps between slow and (one or many) fast eigenvalue clusters of the model. The spectral analysis of a linearized moment model clearly shows spectral gaps and reveals the multi-scale nature of the model for which projective integration is a matching choice. The combination of the non-intrusive projective integration method with moment models allows for accurate, but efficient simulations with significant speedup, as demonstrated using several 1D and 2D test cases with different collision terms, collision frequencies and relaxation times.

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TijdschriftKinetic and related models
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StatusPublished - apr.-2021
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