Promoting physical activity participation among people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities: An overview of practice-based knowledge

Leentje van Alphen, Aly Waninge, Annette van der Putten

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Aim: Promoting physical activity participation as part of the support of people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities (PIMD) is important for the functioning of people with PIMD and their participation in daily activities. However, people with PIMD hardly participate in physical activities. Evidence-based interventions specifically designed for, or adapted to, people with PIMD in this field are scarce. To date, practice alone has led to the development and implementation of interventions to promote physical activity participation among people with PIMD. This study investigated and evaluated the use of these interventions. Method: A convenience sample of support professionals (n > 30)completed a questionnaire about the physical activity interventions offered in their organisation. Subsequently, they were interviewed to assess the effectiveness of these interventions based on a fixed format. Results: An overview of provided interventions and their potential effectiveness will bepresented. Conclusions: This study will increase our knowledge on the quality and potential of different interventions aimed at physical activity participation among people with PIMD possibly affecting several domains of human functioning.
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StatusPublished - aug-2016
Evenement15th IASSIDD World Congress - Melbourne, Australia
Duur: 15-aug-201619-aug-2016


Conference15th IASSIDD World Congress
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