Protein and energy intake in intensive care unit survivors during the first year of recovery: A descriptive cohort study

Lise Beumeler*, Edith Visser, Hanneke Buter, Gerjan Navis, Christiaan Boerma, Tim van Zutphen

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Background: Many intensive care unit (ICU) survivors suffer long‐term health issues that affect their quality of life. Nutrition inadequacy can limit their rehabilitation potential. This study investigates nutrition intake and support during ICU admission and recovery.
Methods: In this prospective cohort study, 81 adult ICU patients with stays ≥48 h
were included. Data on dietary intake, feeding strategies, baseline and ICU
characteristics, and 1‐year outcomes (physical health and readmission rates) were
collected. The number of patients achieving 1.2 gram per kilogram per day of protein and 25 kilocalories per kilogram per day at 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months after ICU admission was recorded. The impact of dietary supplementation during the year was assessed. Baseline characteristics, intake barriers, and rehabilitation's influence on nutrition intake at 12 months were evaluated, along with the effect of inadequate intake on outcomes.
Results: After 12 months, only 10% of 60 patients achieved 1.2 g/kg/day protein
intake, whereas 28% reached the advised 25 kcal/kg/day energy target. Supplementary feeding significantly increased protein intake at 3, 6, and 12 months (P = 0.003, P = 0.012, and P = 0.033, respectively) and energy intake at 3 months (P = 0.003). A positive relation was found between female sex and energy intake at 12 months after ICU admission (β = 4.145; P = 0.043) and taste issues were independently associated with higher protein intake (β = 0.363; P = 0.036). However, achieving upper‐quartile protein or energy intake did not translate into improved physical health outcomes.
Conclusion: Continuous and improved nutrition care is urgently needed to support
patients in reaching nutrition adequacy.
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TijdschriftJournal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
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StatusPublished - jan.-2023

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