Protein quality control: from mechanism to disease EMBO Workshop, Costa de la Calma (Mallorca), Spain, April 28-May 03, 2019

Harm H. Kampinga, Matthias P. Mayer, Axel Mogk

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The cellular protein quality control machinery with its central constituents of chaperones and proteases is vital to maintain protein homeostasis under physiological conditions and to protect against acute stress conditions. Imbalances in protein homeostasis also are keys to a plethora of genetic and acquired, often age-related, diseases as well as aging in general. At the EMBO Workshop, speakers covered all major aspects of cellular protein quality control, from basic mechanisms at the molecular, cellular, and organismal level to medical translation. In this report, the highlights of the meeting will be summarized.

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TijdschriftCell stress & chaperones
StatusE-pub ahead of print - 11-nov-2019

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