Proteolytische activiteit bij neutrale pH in rundermilt

Jan Marrink


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    Intracellular enzymes, hydrolysing proteins optimally at acid pH values
    (acid proteases), have been studied in detail by several investigators. The
    existence of proteolytic activity at neutral pH in animal tissue extracts, on
    the other hand, has often been mentioned, but with few reports on the
    isolation, separation or characterization of the enzymes concerned. This is partly
    due to the fact that, the activities at acid pH values are higher than those at
    neutral pH, and also, due to the rather elusive nature of the enzyme(s)
    assumed to be active at neutral pH. Our studies were aimed at (I) the
    demonstration of the proteolytic activity, possibly present in beef spleen at neutral
    pH, and more especially, (2) the possible existence of an endopeptidase,
    active at neutral or slightly alkaline pH values.
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    • Gruber, J.M.W., Supervisor, Externe Persoon
    Datum van toekenning29-mei-1969
    StatusPublished - 1969

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