Proton-deuteron break-up studies with BINA and a review of three-nucleon database

Hajar Tavakolizaniani


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Finding a suitable theory of nuclear forces is one for the main goals in subatomic physics. In the present thesis, the vector analyzing power, Ay, Ax and the cross section are extracted for the first time. Moreover, we performed for the first time a global review of a rich set of cross section and vector analyzing-power data taken with a proton-beam energy of 135 MeV and 190 MeV using a Dalitz analysis. The results were compared with theoretical calculations from Faddeev calculations using 2N and 2N+3NF models for the kinematics in which both protons scatter to polar angles smaller than 30 and with a relative azimuthal opening angle varying between 20 and 180 in steps of 20.

For most of the configurations, the results at small and large relative
azimuthal angles show a different behavior when comparing data with theory. Besides the five-fold differential study of the break-up reaction, we
also performed a more global comparison of our data with theoretical
calculations using four types of quantities. For the first quantity, we
average the vector analyzing powers and cross sections over S for each
configuration. For the second quantity, we performed a chi-square analysis for several azimuthal and polar angles.
To show the results for all configurations and combination
of angles, the third quantity was developed. For the last quantity, we explored a Dalitz analysis in terms of two
Lorentz invariant quantities for the cross sections and analyzing powers.
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