Provability logic meets the knower paradox

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The knower paradox states that the statement `We know that this statement is false' leads to inconsistency. This article presents a fresh look at this paradox and some well-known solutions from the literature. Paul Egré discusses three possible solutions that modal provability logic provides for the paradox by surveying and comparing three different provability interpretations of modality, including one by Solovay. To check whether this solution is satisfactory, we use the criteria for solutions to paradoxes defined by Susan Haack. This extended abstract aims to describe to what extent the knower paradox can be solved using provability logic and to what extent a solution proposed in the literature satisfies Haack's criteria. Finally, the extended offers some reflections on the relation between knowledge, proof, and provability, as inspired by the knower paradox.
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TitelAdvances in Modal Logic 2018
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StatusPublished - 31-aug.-2018
EvenementAdvances in Modal Logic - University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland
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ConferenceAdvances in Modal Logic
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