Psychometric evaluation of the Santa Clara Brief Compassion Scale in the Czech environment (SCBCS)

Lukas Novak, Klara Malinakova, Petr Mikoska, Jana Furstova, Rachel Cann, Peter Tavel

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There is growing research on compassion in many fields of social science. However, there are no standardized instruments for measuring compassion in the Czech environment. Therefore, the aim of this study was to psychometrically evaluate the Santa Clara Brief Compassion Scale (SCBCS) in Czech Republic. Sample of 572 Czech respondents (mean age 28.9 years; 36.7 % men) participated in the study. Compassion, spirituality and religiosity, together with basic socio-demographic information, were measured. The non-parametric comparison of different sociodemographic groups showed a higher level of compassion among women, among respondents living in marriage, and among religious respondents. The Confirmatory Factor Analysis showed a good fit of a one-factor model with the data, with χ² (5)=58.9; p < .001; TLI=0.98; CFI=0.99; SRMR=0.058. The scale has a good internal consistency with Cronbach's α=0.84 and McDonald's ω =0.89. The Czech version of the SCBCS is a reliable measure for assessing compassion.
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TijdschriftMental Health, Religion & Culture
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StatusPublished - 16-mrt.-2021
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