Psychometric properties of the Dutch version of the posttraumatic growth inventory among cancer patients

Tessa A. Jaarsma*, Grieteke Pool, Robbert Sanderman, Adelita V. Ranchor

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In the current study, we investigated the psychometric properties of a Dutch translation of the posttraumatic growth inventory in a heterogeneous group of cancer patients. Its original five-factor structure was maintained. The internal consistency of the total scale, as well as its subdimensions, was satisfactory. As expected, the experience of posttraumatic growth was positively related to: emotional expression about the illness, openness to experience, and feelings of innerness. Furthermore, the scale appeared to be sensitive for the demographics age and gender. The experience of posuraumatic growth was not related to negative feelings such as avoidance, anxiety, depression, and neuroticism. Our Dutch translation of the instrument appeared to be a sound measure for the experience of posuraumatic growth in cancer patients. Copyright (c) 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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StatusPublished - okt.-2006

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