Psychomotor therapy and aggression regulation in eating disorders

Cees Boerhout, Jooske T. van Busschbach, Durk Wiersma, Hans W. Hoek

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    Eating disorder behaviours can be seen as self-destructive behaviours to a great
    extent related to inhibited anger expression. However, a treatment protocol
    targeted at anger and aggression in these disorders is lacking. This paper
    describes a psychomotor therapy (PMT) model as a body-oriented method to
    help patients with eating disorders to cope with anger and aggression. They learn
    to see aggression as a positive, relational, body-felt experience, and to control
    anger expression at the right time with appropriate intensity. Our clinical
    experience indicates that PMT can accelerate the overall treatment process by
    triggering hidden feelings and thoughts and by developing expression skills.
    This article discusses PMT principles of aggression regulation and the
    methodological procedures of the intervention. Randomised controlled research
    is needed to validate clinical experiences.
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    TijdschriftBody, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy
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    StatusPublished - 18-nov-2013

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