Publicerende Sociologen: De Top-50 In De Periode 1993-1995

Frans N. Stokman, Collin E. Hoogeveen, Claire H. Rellum*

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    In this article the productivity and international impact of Dutch sociologists are measnred over the period 1993-1995. The productivy is measured a a weighted sum of the publications. Appendix 2 contains the list of sociologists that took part in the study. Table I gives the ranking of the fifty most prodtictive sociologists. The international impact is based on the number of citations in the Social Science Citation Index in the period 1993-1995. We investigated these citations for all 170 participating sociologists and full professors in sociology research centers (see Appendix 3). Table 2 contains the ranking of the 53 Dutch sociologists with ten or more citations in the period 1993-1995. In the last part of this article, we investigate the characteristics of publications and the relation between cooperation and characteristics of publications. Finally, sociologists who publish generally together with colleagues are compared to those who cooperate less. The results are presented in tables 3 and 4.
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    StatusPublished - 1996

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