Pulmonary versus aortic pressure behavior of a bovine pericardial valve

Hanna Pragt, Joost P. van Melle, Gijsbertus J. Verkerke, Massimo A. Mariani, Tjark Ebels*

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Background: The Carpentier Edwards Perimount Magna Ease aortic valvular prosthesis (Edwards Lifesciences, Irvine, Calif) has been among the most frequently and successfully used tissue prosthetic cardiac valves. Furthermore, this prosthesis has been used off-label in the pulmonary position. Until now, there has been a paucity of data regarding the functioning of tissue prosthetic valves under pulmonary conditions. Methods: Using a pulse duplicator, hydrodynamic characteristics of a 21-mm and 25-mm Magna Ease valve were evaluated. Among parameters evaluated were leakage orifice area, closing time (ie, time required to close), and leakage duration. This procedure was performed under different pulmonic pressure conditions (15/5 mm Hg, 28/11 mm Hg, 73/32 mm Hg) and normal aortic pressure (120/80 mm Hg) as a reference. Moving images were obtained using a Phantom MIRO M320S high-speed camera (Vision Research Inc, Wayne, NJ) at 600 frames per second and used to analyze valve area in closed position. Results: Under normal pulmonic conditions (28/11 mm Hg) the leakage orifice area was 0.020 ± 0.012 mm2 for the 21-mm valve and 0.054 ± 0.041 mm2 for the 25-mm valve (P = .03). Hydrodynamic characteristics of the valves differed between pulmonary and aortic testing condition. Valve closing volumes were significantly lower under pulmonary hypotension and normal pulmonary conditions than under normal aortic conditions (P < .05). Conclusions: Under normal pulmonary pressure conditions, the hydrodynamic characteristics of Magna Ease valves are significantly different compared with aortic conditions. Further research is needed to determine whether these results are associated with prosthetic valve failure.

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StatusPublished - mrt-2020

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