Q130: surveys op het terrein van een Hellenistische en Romeinse boerderij in zuid-Italië



This article reports on the results of survey experiments conducted by a GIA team in 2010 over the site of a Hellenistic-Roman farm, Q130, located in the foothills surrounding the Sibaritide coastal plain in south Italy. The experiments show that a ‘quick scan’ surface survey method achieves good results in locating the main structures, matching the results of a gradiometer survey conducted simultaneously, and that further useful chronological and functional detail was obtained by ‘total’ survey and in-field classification of the finds. The socio-economic context of this farm site must obviously be sought in the nearby Hellenistic colony of Thourioi and its Roman successor Copiae, but further questions about the character and chronology of the site can only be answered by excavation.
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StatusPublished - dec-2018

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