Quantization Effects on Second-Order Consensus Dynamics

Ming Cao, Hui Liu



In recent years, the coordination of the motion of teams of
mobile autonomous agents has become a central topic in
the study of distributed control of multi-agent systems [1].
To implement such distributed control strategies, however,
requires the agents to know their neighboring peers’ information,
which sometimes cannot be acquired through realtime
sensing, but can only be obtained in its quantized form
through digital communication instead.
Recently some interesting sufficient and/or necessary conditions
have been constructed for systems of double integrators
to get synchronized when no quantization effects are
considered [2, 3]. We take the control laws that have been
used in the literature, but study their performances when
quantized information is used.
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StatusPublished - 15-mrt-2011
Evenement30th Benelux meeting on Systems and Control - Lommel, Belgium
Duur: 15-mrt-201117-mrt-2011


Conference30th Benelux meeting on Systems and Control

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