Radiobiological quantities in proton-therapy: Estimation and validation using Geant4-based Monte Carlo simulations

G. Petringa, F. Romano, L. Manti, L. Pandola, A. Attili, F. Cammarata, G. Cuttone, G. Forte, L. Manganaro, J. Pipek, P. Pisciotta, G. Russo, G. A.P. Cirrone*

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Purpose: The Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation toolkit was used to reproduce radiobiological parameters measured by irradiating three different cancerous cell lines with monochromatic and clinical proton beams. Methods: The experimental set-up adopted for irradiations was fully simulated with a dedicated open-source Geant4 application. Cells survival fractions was calculated coupling the Geant4 simulations with two analytical radiobiological models: one based on the LEM (Local Effect Model) approach and the other on a semi-empirical parameterisation. Results was evaluated and compared with experimental data. Results and conclusions: The results demonstrated the Geant4 ability to reproduce radiobiological quantities for different cell lines.

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TijdschriftPhysica Medica
StatusPublished - feb.-2019
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