Radioprotection of bone marrow stem cell subsets by interleukin-1 and kit-ligand: Implications for CFU-S as the responsible target cell population

Ronald van Os, G Lamont, A Witsell, PM Mauch

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Various cytokines have been reported to have radioprotective effects on the bone marrow. Of these, c-kit-ligand (KL) and interleukin-1 (IL-1) have the most dramatic effect when given prior to total body irradiation (TBI). Given simultaneously, KL and IL-1 demonstrated a strong effect on increasing the LD(50/30) of mice. In this case the LD(50/30) of C57BL/6 mice was 1.25 (1.14-1.38) times higher (10.08 Gy [confidence interval (c.i.): 9.62-10.56] vs. 8.05 Gy [c.i.: 7.64-8.42]) when KL (120 mu g/kg) and IL-1 (40 mu g/kg) were injected subcutaneously at 20 hours before TBI. It was also investigated whether the combined effects of KL and IL-1 resulted in changes in the intrinsic radiation sensitivity of different bone marrow subsets. Therefore, mice were irradiated and the survival of bone marrow subsets was determined at 4-6 hows after TBI by using the CFU-S assay and the competitive repopulation assay. The CFU-S subset displayed an increased D-0 value in KL and IL-1-treated mice (0.88 Gy vs. 0.72 Gy) and the protection factor was 1.22, close to the factor found for the hemopoietic syndrome (LD(50/30)). It may therefore be concluded that CFU-S are the target cell population involved in hemopoietic death. Additional protection of the more primitive stem cell subset with long-term repopulation ability (LTRA) could not be shown from the data we obtained with the competitive repopulation assay. Both D-0 and the extrapolation number (n) were increased, but not significantly. These data suggest that radioprotection by cytokines is caused mainly by the decreased radiation sensitivity of the CFU-S subset, although earlier subsets may also be protected (but to a lesser extent).

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StatusPublished - mrt-1997

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