Raising the bar (14)

Paul Elhorst*, Maria Abreu, Pedro Amaral, Arnab Bhattacharjee, Coro Chasco, Luisa Corrado, Justin Doran, Daniel Felsenstein, Franz Fuerst, Julie Le Gallo, Philip McCann, Vassilis Monastiriotis, Francesco Quatraro, Umed Temursho, Jihai Yu

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In addition to the three special issue papers, issue 15.1 contains two papers on input-output analysis. The first paper provides a thorough analysis of the cross entropy (CE) method to build input-output tables at sub-territorial levels or to update them in time. The second paper proposes a spatial input-output location quotient accounting for the co-location of related industries within the same area and for spatial spillovers of concentration into neighboring areas.

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TijdschriftSpatial Economic Analysis
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StatusPublished - 2-jan.-2020

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