Rambling facets of manure-based biogas production in Europe: A briefing

Spyridon Achinas*, Gert-Jan Euverink

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The use of biogas has been considered a strategically distinctive option for the entire transition to renewable fuels. The wide gap between the use of fossil- and biomass-based fuels calls into question how the business of gas-based energy must be changed to alter the inequalities between biogas and natural gas. The deployment of biogas-derived methane is delayed in contrast to the syngas-derived methane. Subtle issues are spotted and highlighted amid the application of anaerobic digestion to detect fundamental changes in the bioenergy landscape and underpin the drive for global sustainability; lastly, an outlook is suggested for how the field may progress in the future.
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TijdschriftRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
Vroegere onlinedatum15-nov.-2019
StatusPublished - mrt.-2020

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