Rapid BRAF mutation tests in patients with advanced melanoma: Comparison of immunohistochemistry, Droplet Digital PCR, and the Idylla Mutation Platform

Cornelis Bisschop, Arja Ter Elst, Lisette J Bosman, Inge Platteel, Mathilde Jalving, Anke van den Berg, Arjan Diepstra, Bettien van Hemel, Gilles F H Diercks, Geke A P Hospers, Ed Schuuring*

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BRAF mutational testing has become a common practice in the diagnostic process of patients with advanced melanoma. Although time-consuming, DNA sequencing techniques are the current gold standard for mutational testing. However, in certain clinical situations, a rapid test result is required. In this study, the performance of three rapid BRAF mutation tests was compared. Thirty-nine formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded melanoma tissue samples collected between 2007 and 2014 at a single center were included. These samples were analyzed by immunohistochemistry using the anti-BRAF-V600E (VE1) mouse monocolonal antibody (BRAF-VE1 IHC), a V600E-specific Droplet Digital PCR Test, and the Idylla BRAF- Mutation Test (Idylla). Results were compared with the results of conventional BRAF mutation testing, performed using high-resolution melting analysis followed by Sanger sequencing. Next-generation sequencing was performed on samples with discordant results. The Idylla test and Droplet Digital PCR Test correctly identified all mutated and wild-type samples. BRAF-VE1 IHC showed one discordant result. The Idylla test could identify BRAF-V600 mutations other than BRAF-V600E and was the fastest and least laborious test. The Idylla Mutation Test is the most suitable test for rapid BRAF testing in clinical situations on the basis of the broad coverage of treatment-responsive mutations and the fast procedure without the need to perform a DNA isolation step.

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TijdschriftMelanoma Research
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StatusPublished - apr-2018

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