Rapid large scale fractionation of lymphoid cells by velocity sedimentation at unit gravity, using percoll as separation medium

D. Opstelten*, G. J. Deenen, L. Bos, A. Hermse, L. Muurman, P. Nieuwenhuis

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    Available methods for separation of cells by velocity sedimentation at unit gravity allow a maximum cell load of 2 × 108 lymphoid cells. Here we describe a method, based on the ‘tilting’ procedure of Bont et al. (1979), which allows separation of up to 4.5 × 109 lymphoid cells, while retaining full separation and rapidity. Percoll instead of Ficoll was used as gradient medium. The relationship between cell sedimentation velocity and cell volume was analyzed by two different methods, i.e., electronic cell sizing and diameter measurements of cytocentrifuged cells.
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    TijdschriftJournal of Immunological Methods
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    StatusPublished - 1982

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