Rates, determinants and success of implementing deprescribing in people with type 2 diabetes: A scoping review

M. P. Oktora*, K. P. Kerr, E. Hak, P. Denig

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Background Individualizing goals for people with type 2 diabetes may result in deintensification of medication, but a comprehensive picture of deprescribing practices is lacking. Aims To conduct a scoping review in order to assess the rates, determinants and success of implementing deprescribing of glucose-, blood pressure- or lipid-lowering medications in people with diabetes. Methods A systematic search on MEDLINE and Embase between January 2007 and January 2019 was carried out for deprescribing studies among people with diabetes. Outcomes were rates of deprescribing related to participant characteristics, the determinants and success of deprescribing, and its implementation. Critical appraisal was conducted using predefined tools. Results Fourteen studies were included; eight reported on rates, nine on determinants and six on success and implementation. Bias was high for studies on success of deprescribing. Deprescribing rates ranged from 14% to 27% in older people with low HbA(1c)levels, and from 16% to 19% in older people with low systolic blood pressure. Rates were not much affected by age, gender, frailty or life expectancy. Rates were higher when a reminder system was used to identify people with hypoglycaemia, which led to less overtreatment and fewer hypoglycaemic events. Most healthcare professionals accepted the concept of deprescribing but differed on when to conduct it. Deprescribing glucose-lowering medications could be successfully conducted in 62% to 75% of participants with small rises in HbA(1c). Conclusions Deprescribing of glucose-lowering medications seems feasible and acceptable, but was not widely implemented in the covered period. Support systems may enhance deprescribing. More studies on deprescribing blood pressure- and lipid-lowering medications in people with diabetes are needed.

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