Reaching a Double-Digit Dielectric Constant with Fullerene Derivatives

Sylvia Rousseva, Hugo den Besten, Felien S. van Kooij, Eva L. Doting, Nutifafa Y. Doumon, Evgenia Douvogianni, L. Jan Anton Koster, Jan C. Hummelen*

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The dielectric constant (ϵr) of organic semiconductors is a key material parameter for improving device performance in the field of organic electronics. However, the effect of the dielectric constant on the electronic and optoelectronic properties of materials remains unclear due to the scarcity of known organic semiconductors with an ϵr value higher than 6. Herein, the optical and electronic properties of a homologous series of fullerene derivatives with high ϵr are studied. The low frequency (<106 Hz) ϵr is extracted from the capacitance measured using impedance spectroscopy, and the effect of length (n) and geometrical arrangement of the polar ethylene glycol (EG) side chains is investigated. The ϵr is found to correlate with length for the symmetrical Bingel adducts, whereas for the unsymmetrical branched-EG chain adducts there is no significant difference between the two EG chain lengths. For BTrEG-2, the ϵr reaches 10, which is an unprecedented value in monoadduct fullerene derivatives. These materials open up new possibilities of studying the effect of ϵr in organic electronic devices such as organic photovoltaics, organic thermoelectrics, and organic field-effect transistors.

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TijdschriftJournal of Physical Chemistry C
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StatusPublished - 23-apr.-2020

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