Reaction from Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC) to Diphenyl Carbonate (DPC). 2. Kinetics of the Reactions from DMC via Methyl Phenyl Carbonate to DPC

J. Haubrock, W. Wermink, G.F. Versteeg, H.A. Kooijman, R. Taylor, M. van Sint Annaland, J.A. Hogendoorn


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The kinetics of the reaction of dimethyl carbonate (DMC) and phenol to methyl phenyl carbonate (MPC) and the subsequent disproportion and transesterification reaction of methyl phenyl carbonate (MPC) to diphenyl carbonate (DPC) have been studied. Experiments were carried out in a closed batch reactor in the temperature range from 160 to 200 °C for initial reactant ratios of DMC/phenol from 0.25 to 3 and varying catalyst (titanium-(n-butoxide)) concentrations. The concept of a closed, ideally stirred, isothermal batch reactor incorporating an activity based reaction rate model has been used to fit kinetic parameters to the experimental data taking into account the catalyst concentration, the initial reactant ratio DMC/phenol and the temperature.
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TijdschriftIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
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StatusPublished - 2008

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