Reactions of Ligating Dinitrogen in Dinuclear Complexes

Jan H. Teuben


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Dinuclear dinitrogen complexes have been reported for all transition metals with the exception of Hf, V, Ta, Tc and Ir. The field has been extensively reviewed recently, and this chapter will be limited to the reactivity of the dinitrogen ligand in complexes in which the units M–N2–M, M–N2–M' (M and M' = transition metal) are present and also to complexes M–N2–A where A = Lewis acid. The reactivity of the dinitrogen ligand in dinuclear complexes has been subject of intense research for only a small number of complexes and is limited mainly to Ti, Zr, and Fe.
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UitgeverijUniversity of Groningen, Stratingh Institute for Chemistry
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StatusPublished - 1980

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