Reactions of residents to Highway Project Proposals: Exploring the Role of Information Provision

Marije Hamersma, Eva Heinen, Taede Tillema, Eric Arts



One of the ways to increase residents´ acceptance of highway project may be information provision by the project organization about the project proposal. Nevertheless this assumed relationship has never been empirically studied. This paper aims to investigate the relationship between project organization information provision and residents´ expectations about the proposal by use of a questionnaire among residents living close to two announced highway project proposals in the Netherlands.
Results show that residents who collected information via a project organization have slightly more positive expectations than the ones collecting other information sources, via a mediating role of information satisfaction. Although information provided by the project organization significantly contributes to information satisfaction, a lot of variance in information satisfaction remains unexplained. Moreover, although information satisfaction is of influence, other contextual factors are more important in explaining residents’ expectations. No differences in the influence of project organization information were found for people who seek more information i.e. people living closer to the highway and higher educated, or between the different project locations.
From a practical perspective, providing project organisation information indeed seems to result in more positive expectations. Nevertheless, as we find differences in information seeking and in information satisfaction, further research into differences in information preferences is worthwhile.
Originele taal-2English
TitelHost publication- AESOP Conference 2014
StatusUnpublished - 2014

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