Realisering van grondrechten: De rechtsplicht van de overheid tot de verwerkelijking van grondrechten bij botsende rationaliteiten en belangen in een rechtspolitieke context

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    Starting point of this book is the relevance of fundamental rights for the functioning of the state as a state based on the rule of law (democratische rechtsstaat). As fundamental rights have public authorities as the main norm-addressee, these authorities have the legal obligation to realize fundamental rights. This obligation is diverse and complex, as is demonstrated in this book. The aforementioned seems to be the case even more due to the increase of fundamental right norms and supervision mechanisms, as well as the
    omnipresence of authorities in modern times, whereby society changes constantly and speedily and there are many different tensions. Against this background, the following problem has been formulated and examined: what is the significance of the legal obligation of public authorities to realize fundamental rights and how do these authorities fulfill that obligation? The formulation of the problem includes two main questions. They have been examined based on the next subquestions: (I) What does the legal obligation
    of public authorities to realize fundamental rights imply for those authorities?, and (II) how do the aforementioned [different] actors fulfill their roles in the legal practice concerning the quality of legislation, security and the pluriform society?
    Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageRealizing Fundamental Rights.: The legal duty of government to the realization of fundamental rights in the face of clashing rationalities and interests in a legal-political context.
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    StatusPublished - 22-jan.-2018

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