ReconnACT Blumenthal to the water

Britta Restemeyer, Giulia Motta Zanin, Marie Kötterheinrich, Patricia Chan Lok Hei



    The project “ReconnACT Blumenthal to the water” is a concept for a particular area in the north of Bremen, Blumenthal, which is currently in a transition phase from an industrial to a post-industrial urban district. In line with the general theme of the summer school, “City on Water”, making connections between the water and the city stands central. Blumenthal’s proximity to the river ‘Weser’ is therefore considered as a main chance. However, Blumenthal is not an area where usual waterfront developments, i.e. creating space for retail and rather luxury housing as can be seen in Hamburg, Barcelona, London and elsewhere, would work. Given the magnitude of social problems in Blumenthal, we aimed at creating a socially acceptable waterfront. Our concept therefore does not only stress physical connections with the water, but also social connections which may pave the ground for revitalization and social integration.
    Originele taal-2English
    TitelCity on Water
    RedacteurenGünter Warsewa, Izabela Mironowicz
    StatusPublished - 2016

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