Recovery of Life Satisfaction in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury During Inpatient Rehabilitation

Casper F. van Koppenhagen*, Marcel W. Post, Luc H. van der Woude, Sonja de Groot, Luc P. de Witte, Floris W. van Asbeck, Wim van den Heuvel, Eline Lindeman

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Objective: To determine the course of life satisfaction of persons with spinal cord injury and its determinants during inpatient rehabilitation and up to 1 yr after discharge.

Design: Prospective cohort study of 2 2 2 persons with spinal cord injury. Measurements at the start of active rehabilitation, after 3 mos, at discharge, and 1 yr after discharge. Questions about current life satisfaction and current life satisfaction compared with life satisfaction before spinal cord injury were asked and analyzed, and the sum score Life Satisfaction Total of these questions was analyzed using a multilevel regression analysis. Person and injury characteristics and secondary impairments at each measurement were analyzed as possible determinants of the Life Satisfaction Total score.

Results: Estimated Life Satisfaction Total scores improved from 5.3 (SE, 0.16) at the start of active rehabilitation up to 6.5 (0.17) at discharge and remained stable (6.5; 0. 16) during the first year after discharge. Significant determinants of a positive course of life satisfaction were less pain, fewer secondary impairments, and better functional status.

Conclusions: Life satisfaction already improves during inpatient rehabilitation. Functional status, pain, and secondary impairments must be treated adequately in multidisciplinary rehabilitation.

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TijdschriftAmerican Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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StatusPublished - nov.-2009
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