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PURPOSE: A substantial part of the UMCG hospital patients have unhealthy lifestyles. These lifestyles negatively affect treatment and health outcomes. In exploiting the relation between hospital and patient, the UMCG Lifestyle Navigator, a questionnaire-based intervention on four topics (physical activity & exercise, nutrition, smoking and stress) was developed and tested. This intervention is aimed at making participants aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle to prevent lifestyle-related diseases. Ultimate goal is to integrate lifestyle counseling into the daily routine of health care professionals.METHODS: During the first phase of the intervention, a pilot with the UMCG Lifestyle Navigator was executed at the outpatient clinics of Rehabilitation, Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics, Traumatology, Diabetes and Sports Medicine. A mobile desk was manned in the waiting room at which participants could go through the UMCG Lifestyle Navigator, helped by a lifestyle consultant. Currently, in the second phase, this lifestyle check is positioned in a central location in UMCG, open for all patients, visitors and staff. The answers to the questionnaire lead to a printed algorithm based tailor-made and personalized lifestyle advice. In addition, printed information (brochures) and digital information (instructional films) are offered.RESULTS: 300 participants visited the Mobile Lifestyle Navigator during the pilot phase. Evaluation showed an increase in awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle by 74%. The results of the UMCG Lifestyle Navigator at the central location will be available by the end of this year.CONCLUSIONS:The UMCG Lifestyle Navigator can play an important role in increasing awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. With UMCG’s main focus on complex care, attention for lifestyle is of great importance. The spreading numbers of lifestyle-related diseases will be positively influenced by the UMCG’s approach of ‘Lifestyle as a medicine’.
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Titel6th International RehabMove State-of-the-Art Congress
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StatusPublished - 12-nov-2018
Evenement6Th State-of-the-art Congress ‘Rehabilitation: mobility, exercise & sports: RehabMove 2018 - Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
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Conference6Th State-of-the-art Congress ‘Rehabilitation: mobility, exercise & sports
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