Relationship between Structure and Rheology of Hydrogels for Various Applications

Gorjan Stojkov*, Zafarjon Niyazov, Francesco Picchioni, Ranjita Bose*

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Hydrogels have gained a lot of attention with their widespread use in different industrial applications. The versatility in the synthesis and the nature of the precursor reactants allow for a varying range of hydrogels with different mechanical and rheological properties. Understanding of the rheological behavior and the relationship between the chemical structure and the resulting properties is crucial, and is the focus of this review. Specifically, we include detailed discussion on the correlation between the rheological characteristics of hydrogels and their possible applications. Different rheological tests such as time, temperature and frequency sweep, among others, are described and the results of those tests are reported. The most prevalent applications of hydrogels are also discussed.

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StatusPublished - dec.-2021

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