Reliability factor for identification of amylolytic enzyme activity in the optimized starch-iodine assay

Aline L.O. Gaenssle, Marc J.E.C. van der Maarel, Edita Jurak*

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Amylolytic enzymes are a group of proteins degrading starch to its constitutional units. For high-throughput screening, simple yet accurate methods in addition to the reducing ends assays are required. In this article, the iodine assay, a photometric assay based on the intensely colored starch-iodine complex, was adapted to enable accurate and objective differentiation between enzyme and background activity using a newly introduced mathematical factor. The method was further improved by designing a simple setup for multiple time point detection and discussing the applicability of single wavelength measurements.

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TijdschriftAnalytical Biochemistry
StatusPublished - 15-mei-2020

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