Remedies Against Administrative Silence in the Netherlands

Kars J. de Graaf*, Nicole G. Hoogstra, Albert T. Marseille

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This chapter introduces the remedies against silence of the administration in the Netherlands and provides data on the functioning of these remedies in practice. Single-case decisions requested by an interested party shall be taken within the time limit prescribed by statutory regulation or within a reasonable period, normally eight weeks. Three consequences of untimely decision-making by public authorities are distinguished. Firstly, an interested party can lodge an appeal with the administrative law court to order the administrative body to take a decision, as soon as the time period has expired and two weeks have passed since the interested party sent the administrative authority a written notice of default. Secondly, when these conditions are met, a penalty is forfeited for each day that no decision is taken. Thirdly and alternatively, a fictitious positive decision is deemed to have been taken. The chapter discusses the legal and practical consequences of these remedies.
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TitelThe Sound of Silence in European Administrative Law
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