Remotely delivered cognitive behavior therapy for disturbed grief during the COVID-19 crisis: Challenges and opportunities

Paul A. Boelen*, Maarten C. Eisma, Geert E. Smid, Jos de Keijser, Lonneke I. M. Lenferink

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Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) interventions are effective in alleviating disturbed grief. CBT is typically delivered face-to-face. Government policy during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (quarantine and social distancing) may impede access to face-to-face therapy. Psychotherapy is now widely delivered remotely. In this article, various points of attention related to the application of CBT for disturbed grief using telephone or videoconferencing (or video calling) services are discussed. Additionally, we explore possible ways in which individual risk factors and stressors connected with COVID-19 can be addressed in treatment. Remote treatment brings challenges but also opportunities to help people in shifting from unhealthy to healthy grieving.
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TijdschriftJournal of Loss & Trauma
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StatusPublished - 2021

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