Renewable energy in Indonesia: Integrating Human Capital and Money Flows

Niek Verkruijsse, Bartjan Pennink*, Wim Westerman

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    In developing countries, renewable energy plays an important role. Applying the available natural resources in conjunction with a technology push may help to solve energy sourcing issues and to develop remote areas in such countries. Whereas many large-scale projects have been taking place, small-scale projects that bring a technology push are rare to find. This study investigates the possibilities of implementing renewable energy sources in the form of Mobile Biodiesel. We construct a conceptual model in which local economic development is infused with money flows and group entrepreneurship aspects in order to realise the implementation of this energy source. Our field research was conducted in remote villages in the Pulang Pisau area in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. The results indicate a large shortage of technical, managerial, and financial knowledge and skills in the remote villages, resulting in a lack of human capital. Furthermore, the occurrence of frequent electricity blackouts with long durations disturbs the local communities in their daily activities. To address these problems, this study argues for the integration of community empowerment, social capital, social franchising and especially group entrepreneurship in combination with a transparent financial system on the flow of money while introducing a new technology. Although our model is based on empirical results in a remote Indonesian area and on the Mobile Biodiesel technology, the model is also applicable in developing areas throughout and it can be integrated with other renewable energy technologies.
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    StatusPublished - 2015

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