Reprint of: Participant engagement in environmentally focused social network research

Lorien Jasny*, Jesse Sayles, Matthew Hamilton, Laura Gomez, Derric Jacobs, Christina Prell, Petr Matous, Eva Schiffer, Angela Guererro, Michele Barnes

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    Environmentally focused social network analysis (Env. SNA) has increasingly benefited from engagement, which refers to the process of incorporating the individuals, organizations, actors, stakeholders or other study participants into the research process. Research about engagement in the wider field of environmental management shows that successful engagement often requires significant planning and exchange among researchers and stakeholders. While there is no one size fits all approach, several important guiding principles have been established. To date, this engagement literature has not focused specifically on SNA, even though several examples of engaged SNA exist in the literature and point to some specific challenges to engagement when working with relational data. Drawing upon data from a survey of researchers who have incorporated engagement into Env. SNA, we focus specifically on the goals, scope, effectiveness, benefits and challenges of doing engaged Env. SNA research. We additionally highlight four case studies and demonstrate that researchers and participants find engagement to be a valuable experience with benefits in the researchers’ understanding of the context and meaning of their findings. Finally, we provide recommendations to scholars looking to embark on engaged Env. SNA research.
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    TijdschriftSocial Networks
    Vroegere onlinedatum31-jan.-2022
    StatusPublished - mei-2022

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