Research Handbook on Global Health Law

Gian Luca Burci (Redacteur), Brigit Toebes (Redacteur)


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This timely Research Handbook provides a critical conceptualization and definition of the growing field of global health law. The Handbook forms the first comprehensive study on the treatment of health issues in international legal regimes and explores the role of international law in addressing the most prominent global health challenges.

The editors have consciously adopted a holistic approach by including “soft” norms and informal law-making processes in the Handbook’s scope to give a realistic account of the normative framework that shapes contemporary global health. Despite following a predominantly legal perspective, the Handbook also adopts an interdisciplinary approach by looking at health from a governance perspective and using insights from international relations scholarship in forecasting possible future developments surrounding health law. The Handbook features contributions from a team of leading international legal scholars who have experience of approaching the issue of global health from multiple angles.

International law scholars who are seeking information on the growing role of health in governance trends will find this Handbook to be of great interest. Public health scholars who are researching international legal perspectives on health practice and policy will also find the Handbook to be a valuable resource.
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UitgeverijEdward Elgar Publishing
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StatusPublished - nov-2018

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NaamResearch Handbooks on Globalisation and the Law

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