Resolution of the embedded chromatographic peaks by modified orthogonal projection resolution and entropy maximization method

Cheng Jian Xu*, Yi Zeng Liang, Jian Hui Jiang

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    The embedded chromatographic peaks usually can not be completely resolved by conventional multivariate resolution methods. The resolution condition of a certain component in two-way data is first reviewed. A modified orthogonal projection resolution (OPR) algorithm and new entropy maximization (EM) method are then proposed to resolve embedded chromatographic peaks in this paper. The modified OPR algorithm performs more precisely than conventional orthogonal projection resolution algorithm in resolving the chromatography of minor peak. The entropy criterion defined on the differential chromatography could obtain an approximate solution in resolution of the major chromatographic peak. Simulated and real data show that the modified OPR and entropy maximization (EM) methods perform well in solving the embedded problem.

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    TijdschriftAnalytical letters
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    StatusPublished - 1-jan-2000

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