Resource Deepening Vs. Resource Extension: Impact on Asset-Seeking Acquisition Performance

Sathyajit R. Gubbi, B. Elango*

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Seeking critical assets is known to be a key motivation for emerging economy firms to make acquisitions in foreign markets, especially those in developed economies. In this study, we probe this motivation further by identifying two categories of asset-seeking acquisitions: resource deepening and resource extension. Using a sample of 1004 cross-border acquisitions conducted by Indian firms during the period 2000-2010, we find support for the hypothesis that the type of resources sought and their intended utility impacts acquisition performance. Additionally, for resource extension acquisitions, we find that acquisition performance outcomes vary by the assimilative capacity of the firm and the extent of experience in acquisitions at the firm and business group level.

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TijdschriftManagement International Review
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StatusPublished - jun-2016

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