Responsibilities of companies in the algorithmic society

Hans-W. Micklitz, Aurélie Villanueva

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Are tech giants responsible for their actions along Global Value Chains (GVC) down to the ‘Global South’? The responsibilities of private actors, companies evolving in the algorithmic society do not mean there is no responsibility for national states. Stressing private responsibilities below the surface of the constitution directs the attention to the bulk of national, European and international rules that are and that have been developed in the last decades and that in one way or the other are dealing with responsibility or perhaps even better responsibilities of private and public actors. From the discussions on ‘double standards’ to the recent Recommendation of the European Parliament, it is not only the behavior of companies but of their commercial partners along the GVC are at the heart of the debate. From the 1970s sector-specific or product-specific rules were adopted. Today, it is a holistic approach reflecting the globalization of supply chains that are needed. Recent initiatives on the due diligence of large companies seem to go in this direction. Many of the puzzling aspects are discussed in this chapter.
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TitelConstitutional Challenges in the Algorithmic Society
RedacteurenHans-W. Micklitz, Oreste Pollicino, Andrea Simoncini, Amnon Reichman, Giovanni Sartor, Giovanni De Gregorio
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StatusPublished - 2021
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