Restorative and afflicting qualities of the micro-space encounter: psychophysiological reactions to the spaces of the city

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    There is a long-standing narrative within health research that nature (or green space) is beneficial for health while urban (or grey spaces) are not. This prior research often focuses on broad, often binary, nature/urban categorizations rather than the particular qualities of the micro-space encounter, stimulating embodied stress or restorative human reactions. Drawing on the findings of an interdisciplinary and exploratory mixed-methods study investigating how people physiologically respond to their environment, this paper discusses the micro-space encounters which can evoke restorative and afflicting human responses. In doing so, this paper demonstrates the strengths of combining biosensing technology with qualitative methods but stresses that narrative and psychophysiological capture only identifies a small aspect of an experience.
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    TijdschriftAnnals of the American Association of Geographers
    StatusE-pub ahead of print - 8-nov-2021

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