Reversible photo-controlled frac nanopores, modified frac monomers, methods for preparing the same, and uses thereof

Giovanni Maglia (Uitvinder), Natalie Lisa Mutter (Uitvinder), Jana Volaric (Uitvinder), Bernard Lucas Feringa (Uitvinder), Wiktor Czeslaw Szymanski (Uitvinder)


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The invention relates to the fields of photopharmacology and photo-controlled analyte sensing. More in particular, it relates to a pore forming toxin Fragaceatoxin C (FraC) from Actina fragacea that can be reversibly controlled by using light as external trigger. Provided is a modified FraC monomer capable of forming a photo-controlled FraC nanopore, the FraC monomer comprising a photoswitchable moiety, e.g. an azobenzene-based photoswitch, covalently attached to one or more of the positions K77, W112, E134, Y138, and S166.
Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - 3-feb.-2021

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