Risk Factors for Revictimization


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    People with a history of childhood maltreatment are two to three times more likely to be victimized again in adulthood compared to people without such a history, a phenomenon called revictimization. Various risk factors such as, post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, difficulties with emotion regulation, and risky sex behavior are among important risk factors for revictimization. This dissertation shows that the increased risk of further victimization among the survivors of childhood maltreatment applies to the modern context of online dating as well. In this context, using sex to reduce negative emotions and to boost self-esteem connects maltreatment during childhood to sexual victimization in adulthood. Another finding of the present dissertation was that it is important to understand how the risk factors interact with each other. It seems that childhood maltreatment might develop maladaptive thoughts (e.g., negative thoughts about self and others). These negative thoughts are associated with difficulties with emotion regulation, which in turn might be associated with sexual risk-taking. Finally, the risky sex behavior can enhance the risk of victimization in adulthood. These vulnerabilities reflected in non-verbal cues might be used by perpetrators, particularly the ones with psychopathy, to select potential victims which increases the risk of revictimization. Our knowledge about the underlying mechanisms of revictimization is still in infancy phase since available data is limited mostly to cross-sectional studies conducted on a specific population i.e., Caucasian female university students. Longitudinal research on various populations would help us understand risk factors specific to each population in the years to come.
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