Roadmap to Decolonial Arctic Research: CO-CREATE Comprehensive Policy-Brief to the EU Commission.

Thora M. Hermann*, Francesca Brunner Alfani, Anne Chahine, Nina Doering, Stephan Dudeck, Josef Elster, Eva Fjellheim, Jan Erik Henriksen, Nina Hermansen, Aslak Holmberg, Britt Kramvig, Anja Márjá Nystø Keskitalo, Elle Merete Emma, Annette Scheepstra, Jorrit van der Schoot

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More inclusive, equal and just ways in which Arctic research is conducted and research programs and funding processes are conceived, these are some of the main goals of the Roadmap to Decolonial Arctic Research. On 19 June 2023, a group of non-Indigenous and Indigenous rights holders and engaged scholars, from RIFS and several other organisations across Europe and the Arctic, presented the Roadmap to Decolonial Arctic Research to the public. The publication addresses the greatest challenges, needs and potentials of Decolonial Arctic Research over the next ten years.
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StatusPublished - 31-mei-2023

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