Robot-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy as treatment of a giant bulla

Rosa Roemers*, Kornelis Patberg, Caroline van de Wauwer, Tam Nguyen, Ghada Shahin

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    Background: A bulla is a marked enlarged space within the parenchyma of the lung. Bullae may cause dyspnea by compressing healthy lung parenchyma and can cause a pneumothorax. Also, bullae are associated with malignancy, therefore surgical bullectomy is indicated on preventive basis. This case is unique and therefore valuable because of the remarkable presentation, innovative treatment and the spectacular improvement of lung function and socioeconomic performance of the patient.

    Case presentation: In this case report we describe the presentation, minimally invasive surgical treatment by means of a robot-assisted lobectomy and postoperative outcome of a young patient with a giant congenital bulla of the left upper lobe.

    Conclusions: In this case robot-assisted lobectomy has shown spectacular improvement of lung function and fast-track recovery with beneficial socio-economic performance in a young patient with a giant congenital bulla.

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    TijdschriftJournal of cardiothoracic surgery
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    StatusPublished - 18-mei-2017

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