Robust predictive control strategy applied for propofol dosing using BIS as a controlled variable during anesthesia

Clara A. Ionescu*, Robin De Keyser, Bismark Claure Torrico, Tom De Smet, Michel M. R. F. Struys, Julio E. Normey-Rico

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This paper presents the application of predictive control to drug dosing during anesthesia in patients undergoing surgery. The performance of a generic predictive control strategy in drug dosing control, with a previously reported anesthesia-specific control algorithm, has been evaluated. The robustness properties of the predictive controller are evaluated with respect to inter- and intrapatient variability. A single-input (propofol) single-output (bispectral index, BIS) model of the patient has been assumed for prediction as well as for simulation. A set of 12 patient models were studied and interpatient variability and disturbances are used to assess robustness of the controller. Furthermore, the controller guarantees the stability in a desired range. The applicability of the predictive controller in a real-life environment via simulation studies has been assessed.

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TijdschriftIeee transactions on biomedical engineering
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StatusPublished - sep-2008

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